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Why Hire?

Why Indeed?

Whether you are a builder, tradesman or private individual, there are numerous reasons why you should hire professional tools, rather than buy.

NO CAPITAL OUTLAY – professional tools and equipment are not cheap, and you could end up investing £hundreds or even £thousands when you buy
NOTHING TO MAINTAIN – when you buy, you have to maintain and service the equipment.
NOTHING TO STORE – whatever you buy, you have to store. And whether its at home or work, space is always at a premium
NOTHING TO LOSE – can you always find the right tool when you need it? And what about break ins and theft?

With hire, you always have the right tool for the job, just when you need it.


Large(smart) companies always consider TCO – Total Cost of Ownership, before investing in tools, Plant and equipment.
This basically means the total cost over the lifecycle of the equipment including-
  • Purchase cost
  • Finance costs
  • Cost of servicing, maintenance and repair
  • Storage costs
  • Insurance costs
So before you invest in any more tools and equipment, think smart. Don’t buy. Just Hire It
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