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  • How does the pricing work?
    All prices exclude delivery and VAT.

  • What is ONE DAY HIRE?
    This is the rate for the first 24 hours.

  • What is WEEKEND hire
    Pick up anytime after Midday Friday, return before Midday Monday.

  • What is WEEKLY hire?
    Any seven day period starting AM and finishing PM on the seventh day. Excludes Sundays and Bank holidays.

  • What are the charges for delivery or collection?
    Rates for delivery and collection vary with distance and will be quoted when you make your reservation. Deliveries are normally made Monday AM to Saturday midday. Delivery times are based on a projection within a two-hour time window.
    There is a minimum charge of £15.00 each way (+VAT) for delivering to / collection from an address within 10 miles from our base in Maidenhead, then £1.50 per mile thereafter. Within the M25 motorway the minimum charge is £25.00 each way (+VAT) for the first 10 miles and then £2.00 per mile thereafter.
    For large and towed equipment, additional charges may apply and will be quoted prior to confirmation of your contract.

  • Do I need identification?
  • We may request two forms of identity at the time of hire. A Debit or credit card, together with a driving license or current utility bill showing your address are ideal.

  • How and when do I pay?

    Credit Card
    All major credit cards are accepted. In most cases this means that your hire is completed before your card statement is due. For long-term hires, charges are made at 2-week intervals.
    Credit Card

    Cash or Debit Card

    Customers who prefer to pay in advance will be asked for a deposit of around twice the weekly hire rate. On return of the equipment we deduct the hire charge and refund your balance. 

  • Ultraquick 30 Day Account
  • If you wish to hire on a regular basis with up to 30 days credit, please call into your local branch.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
  • Deposits are required for all equipment hire. We may ask for a 2-week deposit which will be refunded upon return of equipment.

  • Will need Insurance?
  • For small items, we can offer Ultrasure cover which is chargeable. For larger items such as Plant, we will expect the client to insure the equipment and proof of insurance will be required before the Plant can be delivered or collected.

  • What's the difference between 110v tools and 240v tools?
  • 240v are traditionally used in domestic circumstances, using mains electricity. 110v tools are normally used on building sites. 110v tools can be run from the mains, but will require a transformer to do so. Both are safe when used properly.

  • What is my responsibility for equipment return?
  • Equipment remains on hire (and chargeable) until returned to us. If you require a collection, please telephone and ensure you obtain an 'off-Hire' number. Security of equipment remains your responsibility until returned or collected by us.

  • Do I have to clean the equipment I've hired before returning it to HIRE?
  • Some amount of dust is acceptable. However a cleaning charge will be levied if equipment is returned dirty.

  • What happens if something is broken, damaged or missing?
  • We do charge for broken, damaged or lost equipment. Your are responsible to make sure the equipment is secured when not in use and protected from weather damage, vandalism or loss. You can avoid the risk of unforseen charges by taking one of our Damage Waiver options. Our highest level of protection, at 15% of the hire rate, protects you against the cost of theft and repairing damage of the equipment, up to the value of £2,000.
    Our standard level of protection, at 10% of the hire rate, protects you against the cost of repairing accidental damage of equipment.
    ** Supplementary conditions and limits of claim apply.
    Full details with hire are available on request.

  • Off-Hire & Collection?
  • Hen you are finished with the equipment you have hired from us, please call 01628 638242. Simply quote your contract number and we'll cease the hire.
    Equipment will be collected at the earliest opportunity convenient for you, usually the next working day.

  • How do I apply for a Trade account?
  • If you wish to hire on a regular basis with up to 30 days credit please call into our Maidenhead branch.

  • Do you have an emergency out of hours service?
  • You can contact our 24hr desk on 07972 33 45 43

  • What are your terms and conditions?
  • Click here to see our General Terms and Conditions

  • What are your branch opening hours?
  • Our standard opening hours are:
    Mondy to Friday: 07.30 - 17.30
    Saturday: 08.00 - 16.00
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